Photo Layout

This photo layout application let you create grid layouts and freestyle photo collages.


- Simple, easy to use

- Create collages in minutes

- Click and drag to change the layout

- Simple touch to move, rotate, and resize photo

- Easy to change color, pattern and backgrounds

- Add text, emojis on photo with 30+ fonts

- High resolution export

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photo layout

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How to make a photo collage?

First thing first: Choose collage size

To choose a collage size, tap "Background" button on the navigation bar.

1, Select collage sizes.

2. Toggle Landscape / Portrait.

3. Set background color.

4. set background photo.

5. set background pattern.

6. Change background brightness.

7. Apply photo filters

8. Turn on/off photo background.

Next step: Choosing a background

Case 1: Color background - Click on "Palette" button (3) then choose the background color you want from Grid, Spectrum or Sliders

Case 2: If you want to have a photo background, click on "Photo" button (4) then you can select the image from photo library.

Using brightness slider (6) to adjust overall brightness of the image.

Case 3: Pattern background - Pick a pattern image from a list of images (5) to set the seamless pattern into the background .

Freestyle or Grid?

Freestyle - Give total freedom to insert and adjust a photo.

Grids - Provide pre-defined layouts to quickly arrange photos from the selected photos.


Select a photo from photo library.

  1. Move the photo by dragging the title bar.

  2. Drag horizontal handle to adjust photo width.

  3. Drag vertical handle to adjust photo height.

  4. Move bottom right handle to resize and rotate the photo.

  5. Tap top left handle to remove the photo.

To change shape of a photo

Select the photo and click on a shape in the list.

Add border to photo

Tap "Border" button on the navigation bar.

  1. Adjust the radius of rounded corners.

  2. Change the width of a border.

  3. Change border color.

  4. Move the shadow horizontally.

  5. Move the shadow vertically.

  6. Set the transparency of shadow.


Select photos from photo library. (4 photos)

Choose the template in the list that create attractive photo layout.

Select photos from photo library. (2 photos)